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Witches - Gallows Humor
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A Witch is a human with supernatural powers as a result of practicing witchcraft. While little is known about their abilities, a witch can attain eternal life by regularly absorbing human souls.


It appears that witches are simply humans that have learned to use sorcery through intense study and practice. Sally learns an incantation from Ilana Myers with no prior experience, so it is likely that spellcraft can be used by anyone with the knowledge to do so. However, perhaps because of a general disbelief in the supernatural in modern society, few people know any magic at all. Even for those that do, the fact that most of a witch's power is derived from stolen human souls is probably enough to dissuade all but the most black-hearted individuals from pursuing the infernal craft.


The magic of a witch is limited by the need for material components and verbal Latin incantations for their more powerful spells. Even so, their power seems to have the potential to be far greater than that of any other supernatural being. The full extent of the abilities of witches has not been seen, but they have been shown to have a variety of terrifying powers, including:

  • Necromancy
  • Blood Magic
  • Illusion and Mind Control
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Clairvoyance
  • Witchcraft
  • Longevity (through the consumption of souls)
  • Chronokinesis (though this may be due to Sally's status as a ghost)

Known WitchesEdit

  • Donna Gilchrist
  • Sally Malik - After absorbing Donna, Sally also absorbed her powers.
  • Andover Witches - A coven of five witches who used magic to bring Donna back to life as a witch. (Abigail, Elizabeth and three other unnamed witches)


  • The Salve - A spell that allows a soul from Limbo to return to earth as a zombie.
  • True Face - An incantation that temporarily weakens a witch and reveals their true form.
  • Banishment Spell - A spell that allows a witch to banish a specific part of someone.
  • Fairy Capture Spell - A spell that can trap fairies.
  • Resurrection Spell - A spell that brings a dead person back to life by sacrificing another soul. This spell is also capable of curing a person of their vampirism.


  • A witch eating a soul
  • The witch Donna using her abilities

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