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Television Portrayal
Appearance The Longest Day
Actor Nicola Walker
"What's your manager's number, Wendy? I am gonna unleash a shit storm."
Nina Pickering

Wendy is a Community Psychiatric Nurse who came to Honolulu Heights due to Nina's "Uncle Billy" being discharged from the hospital. When she arrives she is on edge due to having downed several red bulls before she arrived. They manage to pass off Herrick as Nina's uncle to her just fine as she exhibits her own odd behaviour.

When Wendy realises that no file exists for Billy, she is confused and Nina, thinking on her feet, accuses Wendy of deleting it and trying to cover her tracks, Nina threatens to call Wendy's manager to report her for showing up high on red bull and deleting a record and Wendy begins to cry. Nina agrees not to say anything if Wendy lets it go and Wendy agrees, she cries in her car and Nina feels bad about what she did to her.

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