Okay, so after watching the season 2 finale of being human, here is my prediction on some of the characters:

Aidan-He will either be written off and be buried or maybe he will be freed, possibly by Henry or Josh and attempt to kill Mother and spend the whole season doing so, and try to get help from Atlee, Henry and the Dutch

Josh/Nora-As seen in the last minute, two gunshots were fired, hitting two of the werewolves or either Josh, Ray or Nora, so either Nora shot Ray and Ray shot Josh or Ray shot Nora and Nora shot Ray at the same time, and even though Ray might have died or Josh might have eliminating the curse for both or one of them, it might turn out they didnt die and were just injured and run off while Josh and Nora have to deal with the season about either attempting to kill Ray again or living with their wolf side for the rest of their lives.

Sally-Sally was seen having shred herself and going to limbo but she doesnt know if she can make it out. So assuming Aidan is written off and Josh is alive, Josh with Sallys mom and Zoe might try and get her out of Limbo but know that would have to bring Scott the reaper back.

I do somewhat see a situation in the premiere of Season 3 being that Aidan is written off, Ray killed off Josh, and Sally having shred herself is stuck in Limbo, and possibly see a new trio of Henry, Nora and Sallys mom, just an idea but we have a year to see

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