I would immediately start the episode with a time jump to how the Men in Grey once again clean up a supernatural mess at a strip bar, having come from Hal. They go back stating how they need to have a major meeting. Anyways a week before states Tom and Alexs regimen to get Hal off the blood is to get him addicted to all kinds of liqour and drugs like cocaine. They state they dont want him near women and being addicted to sex because his vampiric urge will get the better of him. Then Tom goes back to his work, while Hal attempts to help Alex with her unfinished business. They have a hard time and Alex has no idea how to help. Then one week later on a night, Tom comes home only to find Hal, having been bored and depressed went out to a strip bar and got together with some women, had sex, then killed them and drank them dry. They get back Hal, but then the Men in Grey appear and have a meeting at that area seen in the woods in the war child episode. The leader states how much supernatural activity has come from "that house" stating its been caused by a vampire, werewolf and ghost. The leader explains they need to deal with them. The others panic saying they havent deal with a supernatural in a long time. The leader states they can handle them. He then sends a team to their house to "deal with them" Tom smells them and asks what they are doing, the team was told to be quiet so they blast him with some sort of energy. Tom writhes in pain. Alex attempts to help and throws stuff at them, they appear to be able to move fast and dodge, then blast her, Alex is in pain. A drunken Hal comes down and sees whats going on and is furious and tries to fight but misses. They blast him as well. Tom then gets up and pins one to the ground but he dissapears as the others do. They literally have no idea what happened but Hal and Alex remember them from before. They report back to the leader, stating how we will just have to try again and again and again. Later on in the series, I would reveal they Men in Grey are literally wizards who seek to keep the magic silent and at bay and they are thousands of years old, having made themselves immortal through a spell. The one seen in the war child talking is their leader and is the most powerful Wizard and he looks to kill Tom, Hal and Alex.

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