Although from a certain point of view they appear to be good, saying they work for humans and perhaps they truly do, i think they are another evil faction. And to be honest I think this "domestic staff of the world" are supernatural in nature, and i think they are wizards. They already gave some hints to it:

"Like when Dorothy saw behind the curtain"(Wizard of Oz)

"We are like magicians and can make people dissapear in a puff of smoke"

"No rest for the wicked"(Wicked Witch)

So yes I think they are wizards and that Mr Rook truly saw Alex but pretended he really didnt, or at least felt their presence and I think they are gonna "clean up" the mess of what happened at that nightclub and eliminate alex, hal and tom. Here is a little character bio of who I think they are

The Wizards
Gender All male
Species Human but with supernatural abilities
Status Alive
Television Portrayal
First appearance

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