One word. Awesome. Okay, only another thousand words to go!

I've sticked with Being Human for a long time, even when the cast changed. And you know what? I think Series 4 and 5 (despite their flaws) are the best series, well a honorable mention must go to Series 1 which is the best series with the original cast.

Now onto the Last Broadcast. Right from the Putting on the Ritz scene to the that final shot of the origami wolf; I loved every minute of this episode. Somethings do feel a little rushed here and there, but overall, its freaking amazing. Molony, Socha and Bracken really brought their best performances yet. Their dream worlds are my personal favorite part of the episode. I loved Allison's cameo, but I do wish McNair was there too. Robson Green is a busy man though. And as much as I love Leo's character, I do think he's appearance here is a little wasted.

As for the ending, I'm not quite sure what to believe. Maybe the origami wolf was there because Hal made it (Hal likes origami!) or maybe a strand of Tom's alternate reality made its way into the real world when Hatch was killed. Whatever, I doesn't matter to me if they are in a dream. Tom, Hal and Alex now have the chance to grow old and fall in love together and I couldn't have it any better way. Bravo Toby Whithouse, Bravo!

And goodbye Being Human. You're the best TV show I've ever seen. From beginning (Annie's dying dead, bleeding on the floor) to the end (Hal, Tom and Alex sitting on the coach happily, being human).... :)

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