SyFy's Being Human finally is back on our TVs!! In the premiere, things were set up for Season 3, but we were still left wondering what was going to happen with our favorite supernatural characters!

Here is a small recap in case you missed it:

  • In the premiere, 15 months have passed since the events in the Season 2 finale.
  • There was APPARENTLY a vampire flu that conveniently wiped out Mother and the gang while Aidan was trapped underground as punishment.
  • A lot of hallucinating on Aidan's part. Mark Pellegrino made an appearance as Bishop to mock his blood-starved fledgeling.
  • Ray died which freed Josh, but killing Ray didn't free Nora because Ray didn't make Norah.
  • Sally is out of limbo! And she's alive! With a little help from the neighborhood witch (Donna), $2,000, and dead Ray's heart, Sally came back to the land of the living with flesh and blood and everything.

And now episode 2 is airing tonight! Predictions time!

Being-Human-Syfy-Season-3-Episode-2-nora heggemann
  • Aidan tries to find a source of blood and he tries to buy black market baby blood, but this leads to an attack on him by a group of wolves. He is saved by Henry who is probably going to try and smack some sense into him (poor Aidan!).
  • Liam Mclean will make an appearance?
  • Sally apparently flirts with an old acquaintance in this episode but we don't think it's going to go very well for her OR for him...
  • Josh and Nora drama, duh!
  • Heggeman is back and plotting again! In the pictures for Episode 2, we see him with Nora so maybe he's going to try and use her?

What do you think is going to happen this episode? Share below!

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