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  • Gcheung28

    SyFy's Being Human finally is back on our TVs!! In the premiere, things were set up for Season 3, but we were still left wondering what was going to happen with our favorite supernatural characters!

    Here is a small recap in case you missed it:

    • In the premiere, 15 months have passed since the events in the Season 2 finale.
    • There was APPARENTLY a vampire flu that conveniently wiped out Mother and the gang while Aidan was trapped underground as punishment.
    • A lot of hallucinating on Aidan's part. Mark Pellegrino made an appearance as Bishop to mock his blood-starved fledgeling.
    • Ray died which freed Josh, but killing Ray didn't free Nora because Ray didn't make Norah.
    • Sally is out of limbo! And she's alive! With a little help from the neighborhood witc…
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  • Gcheung28

    When Season 2 ended, we were left off with Aidan buried alive as a punishment from vampire leader Mother, Sally was in a state of limbo, and Josh's plot to kill his maker Ray, which endangered Nora.

    Where in the world is Season 3 going to take us? With the premiere coming up (January 14, to be exact), it's time to make our predictions of what is going to happen to our favorite supernatural characters!

    • Sally claims that she has found a way out of Limbo but she needs the boys' help, we're thinking that she will probably be able to get out...but maybe not in the first episode.
    • Amy Aquino is joining the cast as Donna, a witch whose supernatural spells are sought out to help find Sally, but we're thinking that she might cause more trouble than the…
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