I just read that the Telegraph suggested Lenora Crichlow as the new Doctor Who companion. First of all I do not believe that Lenora Crichlow is considered as a companion, her name is just one of the 1000ds of names that the press suggests each time a new companion is needed (even members of One Direction were suggested in that article). Just saying that, so that you don't have too high hopes or expectations for the new companion.

Anyway I would really like to know which actor/actress of Being Human you would like to see as the new companion?

My list (Note: This is not a list of my favourite Being Human actors, that list would be different):

1. Lenora Crichlow (Annie Sawyer)/Russell Tovey (George Sands)
2. Amy Manson (Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri)
3. Kate Bracken (Alex Millar)
4. Michael Socha (Tom McNair)

Other actresses I could imagine as a companion (not in order): Leila Mimmack, Sinead Keenan, Kathryn Prescott, Erin Richards, Gina Bramhill, Ellie Kendrick, Amanda Hale, Andrea Riseborough, Damien Molony, John Boyega, Andrew Gower, Craig Roberts, Alex Price and I think I have forgotten some... The article that is suggesting Lenora Crichlow as a companion (you can even vote for her at the bottom of the article, right now she is on place 3 out of 10; with 11% of the votes [after Maisie Williams (GoT) and Freema Agyeman (previous Doctor Who Companion)].

Companion Ideas article (Do not forget to vote for Lenora)