• Dynara

    I just read that the Telegraph suggested Lenora Crichlow as the new Doctor Who companion. First of all I do not believe that Lenora Crichlow is considered as a companion, her name is just one of the 1000ds of names that the press suggests each time a new companion is needed (even members of One Direction were suggested in that article). Just saying that, so that you don't have too high hopes or expectations for the new companion.

    Anyway I would really like to know which actor/actress of Being Human you would like to see as the new companion?

    My list (Note: This is not a list of my favourite Being Human actors, that list would be different):

    1. Lenora Crichlow (Annie Sawyer)/Russell Tovey (George Sands)
    2. Amy Manson (Daisy Hannigan-Spiteri)

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  • Dynara

    I thought you might want to know: The 4th Season will be the last season of the Being Human (Syfy):

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  • Dynara

    The New Navigation Bar

    February 17, 2014 by Dynara

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to know how do you like the new navigation bar? What do you like, what do you think needs to be changed?

    Do you prefer if Becoming Human is listed under Show Universe or if it's listed next to Show Universe?

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Please reply! Every opinion is important! Thanks!


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  • Dynara

    Adopt the Wiki?

    February 1, 2014 by Dynara

    Since none of the admins seem to be active anymore and the last edit of a page by an admin was in April 2013: I think we'll need 2-3 active new admins + 1-2 (maybe more) bureaucrats. So that posts like this one can be deleted: User_blog:Andrewjohn6985 and so that we are finally able to get a new navigation menu. I think we'll need 2 bureaucrats (maybe s.o. for Being Human BBC, and s.o. for Being Human Syfy) since someone needs to be able to add new admins.

    So far I think the users who can do this are: (read the adoption guidelines)
    The Cruentus
    and me Dynara

    I would like to be an admin and bureaucrat but I think someone else needs to be an bureaucrat too and we also need some ne…

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  • Dynara

    New navigation menu?

    November 19, 2013 by Dynara

    Hello everyone,

    I just thought a new navigation menu would be great. One which does not only include the characters, cast and episodes but everything else: locations, genaral information about the show, events etc. I think it is easier to find something if you do not have to look through the whole Being Human BBC/Syfy category with all the characters. I have just made an image how it could look like: (Maybe the Places category could be added to the Miscellaneous category, if two new categories would be to much.) What do you think?

    Being Human BBC

    Places (or maybe you can also call it Locations)

      • category:Places BBC|Places
        *** Annie's House
        *** Hunolulu Heights
        *** Purg…

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