Tom and Eve
Tom and Eve
General Information
Intimacy Level family relationship
First Met shortly after Eve was born
last mentioned The War Child
Tom and Eve have a very close relationship. Tom loves Eve and feels responisible for her. She is the only person that reminds him of his friends George and Nina. Tom would even risk his life for her. He is only a little annoyed by Annie, who plans his and Hal's ful day. She even made a schedule, when each of them needs to look for the baby. He thinks that is a little much. When he heares from Annie of the Alternative World until 2037 and that Annie has to kill Eve to save the world he wants to stop Annie. He thinks that Eve needs to be save - no matter what. 

In the Alternative World Tomm helps Annie to escape from the Old Ones. He protects them until he is put into a werewolf camp, where he is forced to kill humans in his werewolf form. This makes him a cold man and difficult to like. Eve doesn't have a good relationship with him anymore, when she is older because of this. They hardly see each other.

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