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"There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3"
Series 4, Episode 13

Guest Cast
Episode chronology
House Hunting
End of the series

"When the end comes rushing up at you, and everything you thought was real starts to fall away, you consider the meaning of the life that you lived, and you realize that the only thing that means a damn thing at the end is what you loved. And you think who you've love, and you let it take you home."

-Aidan Waite

There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3 is the thirteenth and final episode of Season 4, and is also the final episode of Being Human. It was first broadcast on the 7th April 2014.

Summary Edit

Everything has been leading to this. With Ramona's victory imminent, the roommates find themselves fighting against their ultimate threat. As the end draws near, Sally makes the ultimate sacrifice and Aidan finds his life forever changed, while Josh and Nora must decide what their future will be.

Plot Edit

Continuing on from the last episode, it opens with Sally magically freezing her roommates before Aidan can kill Josh just like she had seen. After a brief argument with Ramona, Sally uses her magic to teleport herself, Josh and Nora down to Aidan's room to lure the vampire into a trap. Just as Aidan came down, Sally knocks him out and proceeds to use the resurrection spell on herself and Aidan, making the vampire human while sacrificing herself.

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