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Species information


Eye colour
  • Varies (in human form)
  • Red (when hungry)
Skin colour
  • Varies
Hair colour
  • Varies
Related to
Native range



Red eyes
Causes men to fall for them

A Succubus is the daughter of a Demon and a Human. She unconsciously exerts a psychic or magical influence over men; from the moment they touch her, and as long as they are in her vicinity, they will passionately adore her. When a Succubus sleeps with a mortal man, he dies. Succubi's influence affects Humans, Vampires and Werewolves, but Vampires can survive sex with a Succubus as they are undead. Like other supernatural creatures, Succubi can see Ghosts, although whether they can exert influence over male Ghosts is unclear.

As Succubi are raised among Humans, a Succubus may never discover that it is one; she might never come to understand why men find her irresistible, or indeed why men die during intercourse with her. She will even appear to them in dreams where she acts out their greatest fantasy. Once a Succubus discovers what she is, and feels rejected by her inability to form real meaningful relationships, she will embrace her demonic nature and seduce and kill men.

Other supernaturals such as Ghosts, Vampires and Werewolves apparently cannot differentiate Succubi from Humans as they can each other, possibly due to Succubi's half-Human nature.

Succubi can survive on a normal human diet most of the time.


  • It is rumoured that the leaked Rook emails mention that the Department of Domestic Defence are aware of a possible Incubus; Incubi are regarded in mythology as the male equivalent to Succubi.
  • Some fans have suggested that Succubi may be classified as Type 5.
  • It is unknown how common or rare Succubi are. They are most likely very rare like Zombies because only one has appeared in the entire series.

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