Series 1
Bh 1
Original Run 25 Jan 2009 - 1 March 2009
Number of Episodes 6 + Pilot
Premiere 25 Jan 2009 - 1 March 2009
Finale 25 Jan 2009 - 1 March 2009
Series: 1, 2, 3, 4 5

Series 1 is the first series of the BBC horror drama; Being Human. This series serves as the beginning of the Being Human franchise.

Over view Edit

The series dealt with a supernatural threat, Herrick, a Vampire Leader. The cast and tone of Being Human changed between the pilot and the series. Compared to the pilot, producer Matthew Bouch described the series as "less gothic and slightly more rooted" as well as "a bit funnier"; he also described the series as "kind of a reboot" of the pilot. Writer Toby Whithouse, however, said that he does consider the pilot to be canonical (but not really).


# Title Original airdate Notes
0 Pilot 18 February 2008
1 Flotsam and Jetsam 25 January 2009 Introduction of Annie, Mitchell, George and Herrick.
2 Tully 1 February 2009 First appearance of Nina.
3 Ghost Town 8 February 2009
4 Another Fine Mess 15 February 2009
5 Where The Wild Things Are 22 February 2009 Lauren dies. Seth dies.
6 Bad Moon Rising 1 March 2009 Herrick dies.

Special Edit

# Title Original airdate Notes
7 Being Human - Unearthed 28 March 2009 Special with interviews, behind the scenes, making off etc.






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