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Rena Malik
Biographical information




Cause of Death


Passed over

2011 (presumably)

Physical description




Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Samid Malik (Husband)
Sally Malik (Daughter; deceased/ghost)
Robbie Malik (Son)

Occupation Unknown
Television Portrayal
First appearanceMama Said There'd Be Decades Like These
Last appearanceIt's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To
ActorRahnuma Panthaky

Rena Malik is Sally's mother.


Josh discovers that Rena is in Suffolk County Hospital and is dying. After Rena passes away, and Sally orders Josh to dress her in something other than a hospital gown, Sally wants to spend time with her mother, but Rena has other plans, namely reuniting with their old neighbor and her former lover Gerry Patterson. This fact appalls Sally, but Rena later admits that she did not want to spend time with her because she still lives in the house she was murdered in. Sally later appeals to Rena to shred her so Sally can enter Limbo to save Nick and the others who she shredded. Rena refuses, and later goes to talk to Sally to tell her she is proud of what she has done and how strong she has become in the afterlife, causing her own Door to appear. Rena offers it to Sally, knowing that she will be able to go to Limbo, even if it means she will go crazy, as she knows Sally will find a way out. Sally, instead, shreds herself, letting her mother use her own Door. It's unknown if she actually went through, but it's highly likely.

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