Mrs James
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Family information
Family members

one son lives in New Zealand

Television Portrayal
First appearanceTully
Last appearanceThe Graveyard Shift

Mrs James is a patient of the St. Jude's Hospital. She is send to Nina's ward by Dr. Newell. However Nina has already told Dr. Newell that they have no beds, but Dr. Newell tells George that he should bring Mrs. James to Ninas station and that everything is arranged with Nina. So Nina is angry at George, because he didn't realise that the doctor was lying. She sends George away and tries to sort it out alone. Later however George visits Mrs James in his freetime, since he has heard that she has no visitors. Mrs James tells him that she has a son who lives in New Zealand. Nina is impressed.

Mrs James dies in the Episode The Graveyard Shift. We see her as a ghost only for a very short time, as her door appears directly after she has died. After she has passed through her door, Kirby gets through the same door into the human world again.

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