Mitchell and George
General Information
Intimacy Level best friends
First Met 2007
Status together in heaven with Eve, Nina and Annie
last mentioned Eve of the War
I'm doing this because I love you.
George to Mitchell before he kills Mitchell with the wooden stake

Mitchell and George first met in 2007. When Mitchell discovers Seth, Turlow and Marco attacking George, he stops them. Afterwards, Mitchell and George become friends. As Mitchell finds it hard not to drink blood, he asks George to move with him into a flat to support each other and to live a human life. Even through they have to go through a lot of difficult times, they still support each other and care for each other. When George realizes that Mitchell was responsible for the box tunnel 20 massacre he still supports him. Mitchell asks George to kill him. George says that he loves Mitchell and that's why he fullfills Mitchell's wish. A short time later, George dies as well. He sees Mitchell again in heaven.

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