Michael Garrity
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Dead
Television Portrayal
First appearance Some Thing to Watch over Me
Portrayed by Paul Hopkins
Danick Doyon (young)

Michael Garrity was a police officer who was the son of a man Aidan killed. He lived in the neighbourhood of the 3's house, and when he attends the local neighbourhood watch at the house he instantly notices Aidan as the man who killed his father. Afterwards, he would watch Aidan and eventually confronts him in a bar where he says Aidan killed his father. Aidan tries to deny it but it doesn't work. Aidan tries to lie to him when he gets to his home. Marcus and Bishop surround him after this and Bishop delivers photos of him shooting himself. It is unknown if Bishop compelled Michael to commit suicide or if Marcus and/or Bishop killed him and made it look like suicide.

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