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  • I have added those. You can look at the page Ivan, there I have added two references, so that you can see it. ;)  But I do not know if it is really necessary for this small wiki. They do not even have this at the vampire diaries or the true blood wiki, which are a lot bigger and which have much more active users. This wiki has almost completely died a few months ago. Only Anamantiumninja and I were working here regulary and I think it will be the same again after this season of the syfy series ends. So we are happy about everything that's posted here. I do not think there needs to be a reference for everything that's posted. A lot of users just step by and do one single edit, you never hear from them again. And I do not want to say, that they can't add something, just because they do not add a reference. A lot of users don't have a lot html knowledge and they won't know how to add references. Furthermore s.o. would have to go through all the old pages and add the missing references. I think it could be an option to add it but nothing more.

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    • Thank you, I've added that page to my watchlist to use as a reference for editing in the future. I have noticed the limited activity on this wiki lately. You're right about references not always being needed, but having them to back up statements makes a wiki helpful to those who visit it. Admittedly a lot of the episode articles here are bare-bones, but pointing readers to episodes where certain events occurred might encourage them to edit those articles after they watch an episode.

      There are other things I have in mind that could make the site more helpful to visitors, such as including a character's actor in the character box, along with first (and perhaps last) appearance. Info like that is probably going to be of more use to visitors than hair color, etc.

      I'm a fan of the Syfy series and have long intended to help out here more. I may start marathoning episodes to help out, and fleshing out character articles will go well now that episode references can be made. Sorry about my botched template creations. My "home" wiki, the Yu-Gi-Oh! one, has all of the infrastructure down so that it's really easy to make them. I have to get more used to previewing here to make sure things come out properly.

      Nice chatting with you. Take care, and keep up the good work!

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    • I have alreday added actor, first appearence, last appearence lately. You can add it. It will appear under Affilation now, but give me some time, I still want to change that.

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