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  • Hi my name is James and I was wondering what is the vampire diaries fanon wiki about?

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  • i was right you do know the differince right when pure breeds  are born their are werewolves that make them their abilites but for peopel whi got bite or scratch they get the powers from werewolf. thats the differince i was right you were wrong. im sorry but i was right telling you the truth im not rying to be mean saying the truth  

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    • so please dont say i was not the one who started this ok 

      becasue it wasnt for me their wouldnt be the showing th edifferince of the abilites 

      so dont lie to me and im right

      your wroung im sorry 

      if you dont like it too bad

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    • There is no difference, the only differencs are the third type and spellbound type when it comes to shape-shifting and purebred senses in human form which were already stated in the abilities before this. I only changed it so u could shut up and stop changing it, but it didn't work.

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  • I think we have different opinions about adding the categories. I do not think it is good if we just add Minor Characters, because in this category both characters of the Syfy series and the BBC series will appear. However there are lot's of fans who are only interested in one of the series, and who might not like to browse through the whole Minor Characters category, but just the Minor Characters of the BBC series forexample (it will even be a lot more when all Minor Characters are added to the category). Furthermore the Categories even appear in the Navigation bar. I even added it's own category for the book characters of the BBC series, because I did not want them to get mixed up with the characters of the TV series. I rather think that a category like Timeline is unnessesary since it includes maximal 2 pages and even though people are constantly adding pages there will never be more than two pages in the category Timeline, Oh and I have also remove the Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 categories. They were unnessesary too, since they included the same pages that were included in the categories BBC Ghosts, BBC Vampires and BBC Werewolves. Furthermore the classification system has changed during the series, The CenSSA called vampires Type 1, the DoDD called ghosts Type 1. Anyway if you don't like the categoies I might just add them for the BBC series and you can delete them for the Syfy series?

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  • 1. I have changed the Navigation bar for the BBC Series. I hope it's okay for you like that. I might edit something again though. With the categories of the novels I am also not satisfied yet.

    2. I have added Discussions under the pages, a new message wall and added Top 10 Rankings. If you do not like it you can change it again under:

    3. Of the Syfy Series I just changed the episodes. The rest (Characters etc.) is up to you, to change. You can also revert the changes I have made if you do not like it.

    I don't know if you know how to do it, but for changing the navigation menu you have to go here:

    For the different menu levels you need the stars ( * ).

    If you want to add categories you need to add "Category:" infront of it.

    You need this sign ( | ) if you want to name a article differently (Forexample the page is called "Werewolf BBC" but you want only "Werewolf" to appear on the navigation bar then you have to write it like this Werewolf BBC|Werewolf.

    It might take a while until everything appears on the navigator bar - after you have edited it. You can not see the 4th and 5th level menu on your preview.

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