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Pack It Up, Pack It In

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Ramona the Pest


James A. Woods


Mark is the alpha male of Boston's wolf pack. He and his wife Wendy are first introduced when Josh and Nora visit Andrew and Caroline after the birth of April. Josh immediately dislikes and distrusts Mark, pegging him as an alpha male. Andrew later invites Mark and the wolf pack to the baby shower that Josh and Nora planned. Mark gives a speech about how April is their hope for a future free of the fear of "leeches," and Aidan and Kenny walk in in the middle. The peace is kept at the party until Emily sees Kenny's true face due to a Sally spell gone wrong. Mark immediately blames Kenny and asks for someone to grab a stake. Aidan and Kenny fight off Mark and several other members of the wolf pack and then leave the party with Kenny apologizing. Mark calls Kenny a ticking time bomb. Josh and Nora try to keep the peace by agreeing to turn with the wolf pack on the next full moon. Josh's wolf sleeps with Wendy, and when Mark finds out he attacks Josh. Josh later shows Mark and Andrew how he can change into his wolf at any time, and they accept him back into the pack. They seem to respect him and want to be just like him. They cage Josh and trap him into turning into his wolf and turning new volunteers into werewolves until he is rescued by Nora, Sally, and Aidan. Mark is killed when he, Astrid, and many members of the pack come to retrieve Josh from his home to make them more new wolves.

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