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Hair colour

Blonde (in hippy braids)

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Romantic History



Nurse at the St. Jude's Hospital


Kaz is a nurse at the St. Jude's Hospital. She is lesbian and her girlfriend is the nurse Gail. Kaz is intersted in esoterics and has a lot of esoteric friends, like Rainbow Jones and Moonpaw. She also has a friend called Esmee. Kaz believes Esmee is the best feng shui person in Bristol.

As George accidently comes into a gay parinting group meeting at the hospital, Kaz thinks that George and Mitchell are a gay couple. Since she and Gail want a child they ask George to be the father. George is at first a little sceptical, but then he thinks it is a good idea to have something normal and good in his life. He agrees to be the father of the child. However at the last minute George decides, that it might not have been such a good idea. He tells this Gail and Gail mentions that she also had second thoughts. She also does not want to have a baby now. She tells Kaz about it, but Kaz isn't sad as well. She has gotten a new dog called Biscuit from one of her friends, which she loves very much.

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