Honolulu Heights

Honolulu Heights was a Bed and Breakfast on Coast View Road in Barry Island before becoming a house moved into by Annie, Mitchell, George and Nina. Later occupants include Hal, Tom and Alex.


Annie, Mitchell, George and NinaEdit

These four moved here after the events of Series 2. It became the main set for Series 3. The four lived here happily until George was blackmailed into slaying Mitchell and Nina was murdered. Now only Annie and George lived here, however, it was brief, when George became a half-state werewolf he gave himself heart, liver and kidney failure, causing his death, so only Annie was left as the occupant.

Annie, Tom and HalEdit

After George's death, Tom moves in, after promising George that he would stay with and take care of Eve and Annie. He provides care for baby Eve and transforms in George's old cage. They took in Hal, Pearl and Leo for a while and accomidated Leo's death. After he confessed his love for Pearl, she and him crossed over, leaving Hal alone. He then lives there with Annie and Tom for the foreseeable future.

Annie keeps a rota for how to take care of Eve which drives the others a bit crazy, especially Hal as he has a strict organisation regime in place to stop him from drinking blood, and freaks out when it is broken.

We learn in Episode 4 "A Spectre Calls" that Annie usually makes Tom's breakfast. Annie also has a list of house rules that must be obeyed, including:

  • No smoking
  • No bringing girls home
  • No dialling 0800 numbers
  • Never put a cup down without a coaster
  • All dishes must be washed, dried and put away, not left to drip
  • If you're going to be late home, two rings
  • No killing vampires (unless being attacked) 
  • No hiding stakes in the shrubbery

After the events of "The War Child" Annie and Eve have both passed on, meaning that they are no longer residents.

Tom, Hal and AlexEdit

Now that Annie's passed over, it is just Hal and Tom. Of course, now that Hal's friend, Alex, has been killed, she is a ghost and is currently living with the two.

Previous OccupantsEdit

  • Oliver - Oliver was the ghost of a young boy who appeared in Episode 2 of Series 5. We find out that he used to live in the house in the 1800s with his younger brother, Albert, their parents and four servants.


They have received many visitors over the past few years.

  • Sasha - a zombie who was rotting away due to the fact that Mitchell saved Annie from purgatory, blocking off her door. She stayed with them after meeting Annie outside a nightclub and following her home. She later died in one of the bedrooms.
  • McNair - Tom's father as well as a vampire slayer. He tries to help George and Nina with their problem of not knowing whether Eve will survive a transformation but they end up outing his big secret that Tom wasn't born a werewolf.
  • Herrick - he lost his memory and came to stay with them under the alias of Nina's Uncle Billy. Mitchell gave him back his thirst for blood.
  • Eve - the baby of George and Nina who was adopted by Annie and lived in the house for the entirety of Series 4 but has now passed over alongside Annie.
  • Leo - a werewolf who had taught Hal how to control his addictions. He died in the spare bedroom and crossed over with Pearl after admitting his love for her.
  • Pearl - a ghost who stayed there with Leo and Hal while Leo was dying. Her unfinished business was to hear Leo admit his love, once he did, she was able to cross over alongside Leo, leaving Hal alone.
  • Kirby - was sent by adult Eve to kill baby Eve but instead messed with the three's heads, got Tom angry with them, got Hal kicked out and reduced Annie to nothingness.
  • Adam - they met him in the hospital when he was visiting his dying father. He later returned with a news crew, one of which was obsessed with outing vampires and got suspicious when he saw that Adam did not show up on film.
  • Yvonne - Adam's girlfriend, who was also the headmistress of a girl's boarding school, hence the news crew. She is later identified as a Succubus (another supernatural) and was the obsession of Adam, Hal and Tom and appeared to them in their dreams. She and Adam later find real love.
  • Allison - a werewolf attracted by the attention of Tom. She arrived after seeing Cutler's video of Tom and George transforming on the internet, and wanted to find out more information about them. She and Tom became romantically interested but Tom threw her out to prevent her from getting hurt.
  • Emrys - a neighbour that Annie accidentally killed after mistaking him for an Old One. He stayed at the house for a short while until Annie helped him complete his unfinished business.
  • Larry Chrysler - a werewolf that invited himself to stay so that he could teach Tom how to be successful. He was killed by Hal when it was revealed that he was a fraud.
  • Crumb - a vampire that Hal recruited after he was hit by a car. He stayed in the cellar while undergoing his vampire transformation, until Alex let him out. He then came back with Alan so that they could both begin their vampire detox. He died in the cellar after drinking werewolf blood.
  • Alan - a vampire that Crumb recruited and a former member of the Men in Grey. He stayed in the the cellar for his vampire detox, but was killed by Crumb (who mistook him for a hallucination) when he tried to escape.
  • Bobby - a werewolf from the Men in Grey archive who came to stay with them so that Tom could teach him how to manage life outside the archive. He killed himself after being told something by Captain Hatch.


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