Hal and Alex
Hal uua alex1ab
General Information
Intimacy Level best friends, lovers,dating/future husband and wife
First Met 2012
Started Dating 2012
Breakup They briefly date before Alex is killed by Cutler. They get back together in the real world
Status together,dating;in love/future husband and wife
last mentioned The Last Broadcast

Hal and Alex first meet at the Cafe where Hal and Tom are working. They like each other from the beginning, however Hal does not want to get in contact with Alex. He is to afraid that he can't control himself and might hurt Alex. So Tom sets up a double date between Hal, Alex, Allison and Tom himself. During that date Hal and Alex get closer. Cutler realises that Hal likes Alex and kills her. Alex returns as a ghost and moves in with Hal and Tom. However they stopped dating. After they seem to have defeated the devil. they are in the real world and become a couple and there is a picture of a wedding photo of them and ultrasound of baby in a picture which obviously means they later got married and are expecting a child

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