Guy Flanagan
Biographical Information
Born: N/A
Physical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Birthplace: New Longton, Lancashire, England, UK
Family Information
Family Members: N/A
Living or Deceased
Alive or Dead?: Living
Characters They Portray
Acting Appearances: Mitchell - Being Human - Pilot
Non-Acting Appearances: N/A

Guy Flanagan is a British actor. His first major roles came in the comedy-dramas Totally Frank and Being Human. He played Mitchell l in the pilot.


  • 2013 A Touch of Cloth (TV Series, 2 Episodes)
  • 2013 The White Queen (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2013 Hammer of the Gods
  • 2012 Dark Shadows
  • 2010 Meet Pursuit Delange (Short)
  • 2009 The Bill (TV Series, 6 Episodes)
  • 2009 Together (Short)
  • 2009 Shameless (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2009 Doctors (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2008 A Bunch of Amateurs
  • 2008 In Tranzit
  • 2008 Being Human (TV Series, Pilot)
  • 2007 Party Animals (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2006 Totally Frank (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2006 Holby City (TV Series, 1 Episode)
  • 2005 Stoned
  • 2005 Messias: Die neun Kreise der Hölle (2) (TV Mini-Series)
  • 2004 Millions
  • 2003 Henry VIII (TV Movie)

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