Physical description


Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Television Portrayal
First appearance Dog Eat Dog
Last appearance Going Dutch
Actor Matthew Boylan

Fedder is an elder Vampire. He is a member of The Dutch, originating from the Netherlands. His age is unknown but it is likely that he is at least a thousand years old. He arrived with Soltice, Heggeman and another elder to see James Bishop's status with the Boston vampires. He was most pleased to see the ladies in the Boston vampire's main building and drink their blood dry. Upon arrival in the building he and the other Dutch took the tour of the building Bishop had offered and saw the ensuing werewolf pit fit between Josh and Douglas.

He, along with the other Dutch (excluding Heggemen as Aidan was able to save Heggemen) were destroyed by Bishop and he was killed third by Bishop.

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