"At the Club"

Cast Annie SawyerLenora Crichlow

George SandsRussell Tovey
Nina PickeringSinead Keenan
John MitchellAidan Turner
SashaAlexandra Roach

Episode chronology
"Annie is Back"
"The Swollen Arm"

At the Club is a deleted scene that was cut from the 52nd and 53rd scence of the third episode during the third series. It is an extra on the DVD of the third series.

Plot Edit

Annie, Nina and Sasha are in a club. It is silent, no music is played. Meanwhile Mitchell and George are at Honolulu Heights and drink red whine. Mitchell looks at the clock. George tells him that they will be fine. Mitchell replies that he is just checking the time and was not worring about "her" then stops and says "them".

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