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Pack It Up, Pack It In

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Ramona the Pest


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Astrid was a member of Mark's wolf pack, and Kenny's current girlfriend.

Season 4Edit

Astrid shows up at Caroline's baby shower as part of Mark's wolf pack, and shows immediate attraction towards a blood drunken Kenny. After a while of flirting with Kenny, the two get introduced, and after Kenny and Aidan get into a scuffle, the two leave the party with Astrid, and return the next day to return the cat statue to Aidan, with Aiden saying they were the hope of the future.

When Aiden visited Kenny at Sapp n' Sons, he says Astrid walking up to meet him, When asked what she was doing, she says that she had just stopped by to see Kenny before going to a post-turn party with Mark and the others of the pack. She then tells Aiden that he did okay with Kenny before happily leaving. 

When she arrives at the party, she goes to the basement and sees Josh is trapped in a cage. She then leaves and tells Aiden, Nora, and Sally that the pack has Josh and that they are torturing him. 

After Kenny reveals that he needs to leave Boston and wants Astrid to go with him, Astrid is initially confused and angry. But when she reveals to Mark and the rest of the pack that she was going to leave with Kenny, they make her help them in capturing Josh again, forcing her to hold Nora at gunpoint while the others go to abduct Josh. 

When Nora hears Josh coming, she tells Astrid to run, knowing that the girl didn't want to help the pack and that she was forced. However, Josh was able to outspeed Astrid and killed her. 

After the whole pack was killed, Astrid appeared as a ghost before Kenny, saddened when Kenny tries to hug her but he passes right through her. She then says that the pack made her help them and that Josh killed her, as his wolf believed she was helping the pack by her own choice. However, she was not aware that Kenny has been told by Aiden that Mark and the pack had killed her.

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