Josh and Aidan
General Information
Intimacy Level Best friends, like brothers
First Met 2009
Status Aidan is in the afterlife with Sally, while Josh is living a full life with Nora and their children.
last mentioned There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 3

Josh and Aidan are bests friends and support each other in coping with being supernatural creatures. When one of them needs the other they always help each other, even when dealing with their own issues. They first met when Aidan saved Josh from being beaten from vampires and even helped Josh get a job at the hospital, with the plan to have Josh help him control his bloodlust. Over time, the two developed a strong bond of trust the surprises and confuses nearly every other vampire and werewolf, as the two species have never gotten along.

While the two have had falling outs from time to time, mainly due to Aidan's actions while involved with vampires and the secrets he keeps, the two have always forgiven each other. This is shown by their biggest argument, when the two showed opposing views on Kenny, Mark's werewolf pack, vampires in general and each other's decisions over the last few years. However, Aidan quickly lied to Kenny to protect Josh after the werewolf had accidently killed Kenny's girlfriend and both forgave each other for what they had said.

Josh, while stuck as a unique third-type werewolf, begged Aidan to kill him as he knew that the vampire was the only one capable of killing him, though Aidan refused. Later, when the werewolf Mark showed his hatred and contempt towards Aidan, Josh said Aidan was like his brother and told Mark to leave if he had problems with Aidan.

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